iTextorizer for iPhone & iPod touch


iTextorizer creates pictures formed with text using an input image. The words are aligned along the edges of the input image. The used algorithm is a modification of the Textorizer-Algorithm created by Max Froumentin.

badge munich offline timetable


  • Input Image from the Photo Album or camera
  • Result can be saved or sent per E-Mail
  • The Result can also be sent in the vector graphics format SVG

Note: If after an upgrade from iOS 4.1 to iOS 4.2 the app crashes, please delete it and download it again from the App Store.

iTextorizer Screenshot

iTextorizer Settings




  • Image Selection: Choose the input image from the Photo Album or camera

  • Result: The size of the output image.
  • Edge: Filters the edges, based on how strong they are. 1: All edges are used. 100: Only the strongest edges are used.
  • #Words: Defines the number of words actually drawn. If there are more edges than words, the edges to create words from are randomly chosen.

  • Minimal and Maximal Font: Sets the range for the font size of the words. Each word receives a font size proportional to the strenght of the corresponding edge.
  • Words: For each chosen edge one line of the text will be drawn.





"Fly Me to the Moon, by way of a Hot Air Balloon" by Beverly & Pack

Settings: 504x709, Edge:50 #Words: 800 Font: Helvetica between 7 and 13, Words: Moon, fly, up, air

Balloon von Beverly & Pack
Textorized Balloon

"A mother’s love" by banspy

Settings: 512x410, Edge: 56, #Words: 550, Font: Helvetica between 7 and 11, Words: Mother, child, care

A mothers's love by banspy A mothers's love - textorized

"Alarm Clock 1" by Alan Cleaver

Settings: 352x525, Edge:47, #Words: 400, Font: Helvetica between 8 and 14, Words: time, wake up, work

'Alarm Clock 1' by Alan Cleaver
Alarm Clock - Textorized

"Green Parrot" by Jannes Pockele

Settings: 424x317, Edge: 77, #Words: 723, Font: Helvetica between 7 and 12, Words: fly, free

'Green Parrot' by Jannes Pockele
Parrot - Textorized